I Don’t Want To Be a Ballet Dancer

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As a dance studio, we are amazed at the number of people who are looking for Hip-Hop classes. I can’t even count the number of parents that say, “My kid can’t sit still, they are always hopping and bopping to the music. But they don’t want ballet because they think it’s boring.”

Well we have a class for you…Hip-Hop!

Due to the popularity of the music and what kids see on TV, this seems natural. I grew up in a strict ballet school, we barely had Jazz in the 80’s, let alone Hip-Hop. Since I opened 15 years ago, our Hip-Hop program has tripled in size. We start Hip-Hop classes at the age of 4 now. We are home to Kaleidoscope Krew, our Hip-Hop performances teams, led by Artistic Director, Mary Vo. They perform at several competitions throughout the year and other community events. We are always thrilled when kids decide they want to dance and Hip-Hop is a great place to start. Ballet is the foundation of all dance, but not all kids want to be a ballet dancer.

Hip- Hop provide a fast-paced, yet fun environment in which your child will get exercise and make new friends. Learning to dance is a great way to bring a shy child out of their shell and build confidence.  Plus, Hip-Hop dancing has a number of aerobic benefits that are beneficial to your child’s overall health, including…

It’s a work-out: While hip hop dancing can be great cardio, it can also help your child strengthen their muscles, too. They are working out aerobically every time they make a step while dancing. By pushing themselves to learn more complex routines and training their muscles beyond the typical routine they’re used to, it can help tone their muscles and increase the flexibility and elasticity in their joints

Physical Health: A major advantage of Hip-Hop dance is that it’s a full body workout. A typical class of 60 minutes can have your child dripping in sweat, depending on the intensity. Consistently raising your child’s heart rate will promote cardiovascular health, and can strengthen the muscles in their arms, legs, and core.

Mental Health: The health benefits of hip hop aren’t just physical—this genre of dance can help keep your child’s psyche happy, too. Exercise in general relieves stress, and music can decrease anxiety and depression. Combining music and dance makes for a therapeutic, yet fun way for your child to decompress

Social Benefit: Dance classes are taught in a group setting, which means that your child will have the opportunity to meet new people outside of their regular social circle. This is an especially important aspect for young children—it’s imperative to help them foster good social skills from an early age, so that they can carry them through life.

In our studio, we emphasize building skills with our dancers. Building a students’ technique is the most important element of learning to dance. Our Hip-Hop classes are designed for ages 4-18. Our choreography is age- appropriate, the music is clean, and costumes are never skimpy. We train our Hip-Hop dancers to even learn hip-hop history, as well as many different forms of Hip-Hop dance through varied choreography. Our dancers at Kaleidoscope gain confidence that will translate to all aspects of their lives through the promotion of positive self-image and personal growth, which is our mission at the studio.

So, if you don’t have a budding ballerina at home, you should check out our Hip-Hop classes. We can promise you one thing, your kid will be hopping and bopping to the music!

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