Dance builds grace, compassion, tolerance, and spreads joy and love into the world. Dance helps children go through life’s transitions and unexpected turns with ease.

I opened a dance studio to teach dance, right? Not quite. I opened a dance studio to help change the world. I opened a studio to help plant little seeds in my students to go out into the world and spread compassion, tolerance, and love for one another. My hope is that one day those seeds will blossom into the beautiful flowers and there will be only love and tolerance in this world.

We need dance more than ever!

I am not going to lie, the past 6 months have been the most challenging roller coaster rides of my life. And if anyone knows me, I hate roller coaster rides. Trying to keep a small business afloat during a pandemic is really tough. There have been some really high highs and really low lows. Honestly, I have never fought for something so hard in my entire life nor have I ever cried or laughed so hard in my entire life.

Why do I stay on the roller coaster ride? Sure, the obvious reasons are it is my livelihood, my employees need jobs, the economy needs us. Kaleidoscope Dance is my dream, my firstborn, BUT, the main reason is we need dance more than ever.

I do it for our dancers at Kaleidoscope and for our future dancers. I have to keep planting seeds because our world needs it. And if you think a local dance studio can’t be a part of that change…you are mistaken. They can. Dance provides that human connection we are all desperately missing right now. Dance provides connection, release, hope and laughter. We need dance!

If you are still reading this blog post I am going to ask you a favor. Support your local small businesses because behind every small business owner is a team, a supportive family, friends, and a network of other small businesses and owners that help us carry on in the hard times. Owning a small business can be one of the most difficult and rewarding paths life could ever offer. Small businesses help define that makes our local communities special.

Here is how you can help:

  • Like and Follow your favorite local businesses on social media
  • Share their business page with family and friends
  • React and Comment on their IG and FB pages
  • Buy gift cards to use in the future
  • Order take-out from your favorite local restaurants
  • Register for a virtual activity…they are a lot of fun. Give it a try!
  • Shop for the holidays locally. A lot of business owners will personally shop for you and have it ready for curbside pick-up
  • Don’t ask for a refund, instead ask for a credit on your account
  • Help spread the word by posting about your favorite local business
  • Write a 5- star review
  • Have some grace and patience. A lot of what is going on is out of the businesses control
  • Drop a note of kindness or praise

I hope you have considered two things.

  1. We need dance more than ever
  2. And support your local small businesses because if everyone waits until next year, there will not be any small businesses left!

If you are not a current student at Kaleidoscope but want to check it out, you can take a FREE trial class to find the right fit.  Just go to Book A Free Trial Class to get started.

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