Kaleidoscope Dance

In 16+ years at Kaleidoscope Dance, I don’t think I’ve worked harder than I have been these past 5 months.  We’ve had to totally rethink our classes, technology, studio space and procedures.  The exciting thing is that unlike back in March, we’ve now had time to prepare and we are ready for our dancers.

And, we’re going to teach you in the way in which you are most comfortable.

Here are just a few of the changes we’ve made to make dance classes safe while maintaining the high level of excellence you’ve come to expect from Kaleidoscope Dance.

  • Offer both in-person and virtual dance classes
  • For ages up to 7, our virtual dance classes will be only virtual, i.e. the teacher will only be teaching virtual students so they can give individual attention. We’ve repurposed studio 3 (pink) as our virtual only streaming studio
  • For ages 8+, virtual dancers can join our in-person classes via streaming – all of our studios have now been equipped with webcams, TV’s, wireless mics and sound mixers so you’ll be able to hear the instructor and the music just like being in the room
  • All of our studios now have hospital-grade HEPA filters
  • All students and staff will have their temperatures taken before entering the building, their hands sanitized and be required to wear masks at all times
  • Dancers will be assigned a ‘dance box’ in their studio which allows them to maintain more than 6 feet of distance from other dancers
  • Instructors will wipe down common areas in between classes and a deep cleaning is conducted regularly

We are so excited to be welcoming our families back to the studio and we truly appreciate your support of Kaleidoscope Dance!

See you in class soon!!

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