Dance Competitions…Crazy? Or Crazy Good?

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What is competition dance all about? Ever since shows like So You Think You Can DanceWorld of Dance, and the YouTube scene, competition dance has taken center stage. Being a competitive dancer is not for everyone. At Kaleidoscope, we focus on training well-rounded dancers which, if they choose, can lead to a professional dance career. We do 3-4 competitions a year where as at some other studios that is their main focus. There are a lot of positives to being on a competitive dance team. Below are some we focus on.

It’s like a second family: Being on a dance team promotes teamwork. Each dancer has to do their individual best, but also trust one another so that they dance as a cohesive group. Easier said than done. Dancers on our team spend up to 13 hours a week with each other which creates a bonding experience. There is a lot of laughter, tears, pride, and mentoring by the older dancers of the younger dancers. It’s a second family.

Promotes hard work: Long before competition season begins, dancers are working hard on their technique and routines. Routines are broken apart count by count, move by move, so that they can dance as one unit on stage. Dancers spend hours outside the studio perfecting their routines. The desire to commit and never quit stays with a dancer long after they are done dancing.

Constructive criticism: Competition dancers, and choreographers receive personalized critiques from the judges for each routine. These critiques help dancers and choreographers improve, which is more valuable than first place and can go a long way when dancers have a professional career later in life…whether it is dance or not.

A great experience: Competitions build confidence, poise, and grace. It teaches young dancers to be resilient, and to keep your chin up even if you don’t win a trophy.

Opportunity to learn from some of the best: Most dance competitions offer classes for dancers to take during the weekend from Ballet to Ballroom. Dancers get to work with some of the best teachers in the industry.

Kaleidoscope kicks off our competition season at Jump Dance Convention at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago on January 18-20. For more information about future competitions or Kaleidoscope Dance Ensemble, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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