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Kaleidoscope Performance Groups

Kaleidoscope Dance Ensemble

A performance-based ensemble in its 17th season in the Chicago north shore area, Kaleidoscope Dance Ensemble is designed for the intermediate to advanced level dancer ages 9 - 18. Dancers get a rare and unique opportunity to perform in a pre-professional ensemble that will prepare and train them to succeed in dance.


All dancers are exposed to professional choreography, performances, guest artists, competitions and conventions throughout the entire year. Dancers will learn a variety of pieces in an array of styles including jazz, lyrical, modern, ballet and hip hop...ensuring a well-rounded dance education.


There is a trend in the industry that many studios and dance ensembles have adopted. They have decided to spend the entire year teaching their students just one dance to compete and perform with. As a group, these dancers look great doing just that one dance. However, ask them to put on tap or ballet shoes and they're lost.

Mission Statement

To provide dedicated dancers with the opportunity to achieve excellence in movement while developing performance and dance technique skills in a creative, positive and energetic atmosphere.


And we are also very aware of the continuing trend to exploit young dancers with skimpy costumes and suggestive choreography. We will never allow inappropriate costumes, music or choreography to be performed.


As a Kaleidoscope Dance Ensemble member, you will learn many different pieces in just about every style of dance which will prepare you for any class, audition or performance in your dance career. We participate in a few, but do not emphasize, dance competitions. We are preparing young dancers for success in college and beyond.


All instructors and choreographers promote positive self-esteem and a good work ethic, all while the dancers develop great friendships and memories.


Kaleidoscope Dance Ensemble is divided into 4 groups (Prep, Junior, Senior and Elite) based on technique and experience, not necessarily by age.


Dancers in Prep Ensemble rehearse on Sundays from noon to 1 pm. All other groups rehearse on Wednesdays and Sundays.


All ensemble members are required to take at least two ballet classes and one jazz class.

Kaleidoscope Krew

This cutting-edge group gives dancers the opportunity to explore all aspects of hip hop dance through regular rehearsals, innovative and varied choreography, and regular performance opportunities.


Now in their 6th season, Kaleidoscope Krew offers an outlet for dancers age 8-18 who are interested in developing as performers.  This is achieved by providing additional performance opportunities and greater chances to learn choreography above and beyond class alone.


The Krew will learn about hip hop history, as well as many different forms of hip hop dance through varied choreography by Kaleidoscope staff and additional guest artists.  Members will gain confidence that will translate to all aspects of their lives through the promotion of positive self-image and personal growth, aligning with the mission of the studio. 


Dancers will perform in the community as representatives of the Kaleidoscope family, without the intense time commitment of the Kaleidoscope Dance Ensemble.  Krew members have weekly rehearsal to work on choreography, in addition to their regular hip hop class during which they will work on the essentials of different hip hop styles. (Members are also encouraged to take jazz and other technique classes, though it is not required).  As a part of a team, each dancer will be held accountable for attending class and rehearsals, as well as retaining choreography while working towards performance.  Through these expectations, members will develop time-management skills and increased levels of responsibility and dedication. 

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