What’s With All The Props?

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At Kaleidoscope Dance, when you peek into any class with students under the age of 7, you will probably see dancers using some sort of prop: ribbons, scarves, rhythm sticks, shakers, dots, teddy bears and hula hoops. These are just a few of things you will see our instructors pulling out of their bag of tricks. Little ones LOVE props. Their faces light up when we pull out those scarves from our bin.

You may be wondering though, “What is the point of all those props?” or “Are they actually learning or just running around the room?” Well, they are actually learning, they are using their imagination. Using props sparks their imagination. Props aid in helping dance become more than just steps. It also keeps little ones engaged and interested in class. Ever wonder what we use each prop for?

Ribbons/Scarves: Butterfly wings; painting the sky with colors

Rhythm Sticks: introduces dancers to basic rhythm/tempo exercises, fun to make music with

Shakers: Shake to the beat, motor skills

Dots: Jump over the puddle, movement patterns

Teddy Bears: Rocking the baby to sleep, dancing with a partner

Hula Hoops: Hole to skip around, puddle to jump in, tunnel to jump through

Using all these props above and much, much more ignites your dancers imagination, and even though they might not realize, puts them on a path of becoming a successful dancer.

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