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It’s costume time again and I am not talking about the Halloween…it is dance costume time! I know I love me some tulle, sparkles, glitter, sequin, themed costumes, edgy costumes, adorable cute costumes, the latest and greatest trends, you name it and we look at it. We are tutu deep in costume books. No joke, I can barely see my desk right now.

So, how do we pick out those costumes that your dancer won’t take off?

Every October we head over to the UDMA costume preview show in Schaumburg. For two days, we pour over every dance costume known to womankind, have models try them on, brainstorm music ideas, and wonder how we will ever top last year’s performance! After the preview show, we come back with all the must-haves, and can’t misses. The faculty are tasked with finding a costume for each of their classes, along with concept and music ideas. Then we have a meeting, which has now become quite the tradition, to finalize everyone’s choices. It is so much fun to sit back and watch my staff fuss over the same costume they both want for their class. I’ve seen barters from “I will buy you Starbucks for a week” to “I’ll do your laundry if you let me have that costume!” There is always one costume that we know will steal the show and it’s usually a character costume for the little ones. One year, we did The Lion Sleeps Tonight and fairytale ballet had a full Lion leotard, paws, and a tail. It stole the performance!

Even though we are 7 months away from our year-end performance – the first steps toward our show are being finalized now. And it is about to get real exciting for our dancers because beginning this Saturday, we will be measuring for costumes at the start of each class!

Can’t wait to get through these costume choices so we can get to the next step – choreography!

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