The Health Benefits of Dance for Kids

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There are so many benefits for children who take dance and we’ve talked about a number of them before here on our website. One of the greatest benefits for kids is the positive role dance can play in their health and fitness.

Physical Fitness

Obviously dance is a physical activity and one in which participants gain cardiovascular benefits as well as flexibility, range of motion and stamina. With childhood obesity more than tripling in the past 40 years, having kids involved in activities that they love while still getting out of the house and away from the TV or tablet, is more important than ever.

Plus, starting children out early with these habits have long-term benefits and set them up for living a healthier lifestyle.

Social Benefits

In addition to the positive physical fitness aspects, social benefits such as being in a classroom setting, learning to make friends, taking turns and sharing are tremendous benefits children can learn through dance. And for very young dancers, this can be an early opportunity to socialize with other students and get ready for kindergarten. It can also help to alleviate anxiety about being away from parents by providing a fun activity that distracts them from their separation.

Dedication and Practice

Learning any skill, be it math or a sport or dance, requires practice and lots of it! A great way to teach this lesson early is to give your child an opportunity to learn new skills and progress towards a goal. For dance, it might be learning basic steps and then applying them to choreography for the year-end performance. Each year at our year-end performance, we see such a satisfying sense of accomplishment on our dancers’ faces as they realize all that they’ve accomplished throughout the school year. Sticking to an activity and seeing it through are important attributes every parent wants their child to learn and dance is a great way to do it.

Positive Self-Esteem

One of the tenets of our dance studio is “promoting positive self-esteem through dance and movement” and we take it very seriously. Our goal is not to turn every dancer into a prima ballerina. Instead, our goal is to bring out the best in every dancer and help them focus on becoming who they are to become. By promoting positive self-esteem, we strive to help every child realize the beauty in their dancing and the benefit it has in their lives.

If your child is interested in dance, we’d love to have them in for a trial to find the right class for them. Mention this blog post for a FREE first class of your choosing!

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