Let’s face it, being a teenager can be tough. It’s often a roller coaster of emotions and lots of ups and downs. Academic and social pressures are everywhere they turn. Many teenagers struggle with finding their own identity, they compare themselves to others, they lack self-confidence, and sometimes don’t feel like they fit in. Dance can be a way for them to thrive.

At Kaleidoscope, we offer dance classes geared towards teens. Our teen program is designed to allow dancers age 13 and above to learn to dance in a fun and encouraging environment. Whether they have danced before or never tried on ballet shoes, we can find a class for them. We offer Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, and Tap classes specifically geared towards teens. Having an activity, such as dance, is a great way to help them get through the tough years. Being a part of a dance group or class, helps them in many ways. Stress relief, making new friends with like interests, working towards common goals, not to mention the physical outlet as well. Dance also teaches discipline, poise, creativeness, and a work-ethic. These benefits help boost teens self-confidence which helps them in every aspect of their lives.

The last benefit of teen dance is where it can lead. Many of our teen dancers continue to dance through high school with Kaleidoscope and also with their high school dance teams, cheerleading, and in the theatre. Beyond that, several go on to dance in college, earning a degree in dance, or even finding college dance groups to join. Kaleidoscope is very proud that some dancers even go on to dance professionally and even teach at the studio currently. For many teens, dance becomes a passion. At Kaleidoscope, we are all about helping our teens through those tough years and maybe even finding their calling.

If you are looking for a welcoming home for your teenager to blossom in dance and other ways, give us call. We would love to have you and your dancer become a part of the Kaleidoscope Family!

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