Shira Hirsch was born in White Plains, New York and moved to Evanston when she was a year old. She has been dancing at Kaleidoscope Dance for 13 years, with her first classes being Tap and Jazz. She now dances full-time in many styles of dance and is a member of Ensemble.

Shira would describe Kaleidoscope as a place of encouragement for creative expression, confidence, and growth of personal character, and she has felt extremely lucky for being able to be a part of the Kaleidoscope family. Her favorite styles of dance are contemporary and hip-hop. Some of Shira’s favorite dances have been “Stay With Me” from 2015, “Unsteady” from 2017, and “Dream” from 2011. Shira likes to dance because it provides her with an outlet to develop discipline, confidence, friendships, talent, and leadership.

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