Julia was born in Evanston and has been dancing at Kaleidoscope for 7 years. Kaleidoscope Dance has been a very welcoming and accepting community to be a part of. The teachers are supportive and really care about their students, and the other dancers are positive and fun to be around.

Julia’s favorite thing about dancing is the fact that you can make it what you want. Dance can be a challenging, technique-based sport or an art piece or a pass-time or all of the above! Julia’s favorite dance piece that she learned throughout the years was her contemporary piece from last year because it was aggressive, upbeat and a new, unique style for her.

Julia’s favorite memory at Kaleidoscope was during one class we were talking about some of their old dances. A lot of the dancers had remembered the choreography so they ended up running a bunch of old contemporary dances. Julia’s favorite style of dance is contemporary. After graduation Julia will be attending Purdue University majoring in Computer Science.

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