Emma was born in Skokie and has been dancing with Kaleidoscope for 15 years. Emma describes Kaleidoscope dance as a second home. Everyone at the studio is considered family to her. The studio is a wonderful place where she can express herself and grow.

After graduation Emma will be attending Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. She will be majoring in Early Childhood Education. Emma’s favorite part of dance is being able to express herself and be surrounded by people who enjoy it as much as she does. Emma’s favorite piece that she has learned is her solo piece last year. Emma did an improv solo where she came up with the choreography herself. She took this piece to competitions and did really well at all of them. This was her favorite piece because it was the choreography that she chose. She got to have the freedom to create the piece the way she wanted.

Emma’s favorite memory was from JUMP dance convention this year. She said that being at this competition really brought their group closer together. Sharing a hotel room with your friends and getting ready together and cheering each other on is something she said she won’t forget. Emma plans to join a dance team at ISU. She says she plans on coming to the shows next year to support her friends.

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