Here are some helpful tips for dress rehearsal this week. You can also find additional info on our Performance FAQ’s page and our Performance Info page.

Why a Dress Rehearsal?

Parents often wonder about the importance of a Dress Rehearsal for their child’s performance. We’ve learned over the years, however, that it is the key to a successful dance performance by allowing dancers to perform and rehearse in a performance setting.

Here’s why:

  • The stage is much larger than the classroom and can be intimidating to young dancers

  • The stage lights can be a bit disorienting to young dancers at first

  • Dancers often rely on classroom mirrors to help them with formations and spacing. Having a chance to dance without the security of the mirror before the performance is very important for their confidence.

  • Dancers have the chance to practice their stage entrances and exits and get used to being in such a large space.

  • Confidence is critical to a successful performance. Having a rehearsal offers your dancer the chance to feel ready for the show.

And there’s another big reason why rehearsals are important. One of the main objectives of our curriculum is to teach the spirit of teamwork and commitment to fellow dancers. When dancers miss rehearsal, the result can be confusion for the remaining dancers.

First time Performing with Kaleidoscope?

We understand how exciting your dancer’s first performance can be and also how anxious you can be about leaving your child backstage in a new environment without you. Rest assured, Kaleidoscope has you covered.

  • Owner Heather Jackson has been producing children’s shows for over 17 years. We are very familiar with the theater and have been using North Shore Center for the Performing Arts for 13 years.

  • The Kaleidoscope Staff makes each dancer feel at ease and comfortable backstage

  • We have a full staff backstage to assist with all your child’s needs, including bathroom breaks

  • We keep our youngest dancers separate from our older dancers and dancers are supervised at all times

  • All dancers watch a movie, such as Cinderella, that keeps them busy and happy during their brief down time. We also sing and play games to keep your little one entertained!

  • At dress rehearsal, and in class leading up to the performance, we explain to performers that mommy and daddy will be in the audience and they will be backstage

  • At dress rehearsal they meet all Kaleidoscope staff, NSCPA staff and our lighting designer, who all help them shine on stage!

  • Younger dancers participate in one outside dress rehearsal and one performance so that their waiting time backstage is short, enjoyable and fun!

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