You have probably heard a dance teacher say, “You need to take ballet.” But why? Is it really that important? Ballet class has a number of benefits: It improves your posture, strength, flexibility, and musicality. It is the foundation of every dance style. And, Ballet makes you a better dancer, even a hip-hop dancer should consider taking it! At Kaleidoscope Dance, we strongly encourage every dancer to sign-up for ballet class.

Ballet is the Foundation of all Dance:

Ballet gives dancers a solid foundation of technique which leads to success in other styles of dance. It is always best if a dancer starts ballet at a young age. It helps them develop the skills they will need when they decide to take a contemporary class or even hip-hop. Dancers today need to be well-rounded and if you want to go on to be a professional dancer, ballet is a must. Even if it is not your favorite!

Growth as a Dancer:

Ballet teaches work ethic, dedication, stamina, and it is just good for your health. Ballet will help you accomplish those goals you have in other dance classes. Ballet doesn’t have to be your favorite, but if you work hard in class, it can certainly be rewarding. We live in such a fast-paced world that it is nice to slow down and take comfort in Plie’s at the ballet barre. ; )

Discipline and Dedication:

Ballet technique is very specific and requires practice to improve. It can be tedious and you can feel like you are repeating the same exercises week after week. This takes discipline just like school or work (maybe mom and dad aren’t crazy after all!).

Physical and Mental:

Ballet is physically intense. It helps improve strength and flexibility. It can also help boost concentration, and a love for music and rhythm. Ballet requires you to be detailed oriented which can be translated into school and work. If you allow it, Ballet can help you escape into a world of grace and beauty, help decrease stress and improve your mood.

At the very least, come check out a class and see if it’s right for you. If your child has expressed an interest in ballet and can’t wait for her first pair of ballet shoes, mention this blog post for a free trial class.

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