I am a dance teacher and I take that role very seriously. I can spot a sickled foot, bent knees, and a sway back from all the way across the dance studio. However, along with my natural ability to spot technical issues, I also have a love for my dancers that goes far beyond their skill level. The dance year has just begun, so I wanted to part some words of wisdom to all of our dancers. Whether it is your first dance class ever, or you have been dancing since you could walk, here are a few things I hope you truly think about this year. Let’s do this!

Be responsible. Show up on time, wear the correct dance clothes, and push yourself to improve. The only person that can make you better is you. Take the corrections, listen, practice, and get the most out of every class you can.

Be Bold. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Get out of your comfort zone. Go for the triple instead of the double. Stand in the front of line, go first, even if you aren’t sure of the combo. The dance studio is your safe place to make mistakes and not be judged.

Be Joyful. Let’s be honest, all of us should find joy in our dancing. Dancing is joyful. Leave the stress of the day at the door, be positive, and thankful that you have been given this great gift. Look at your fellow dancers, teammates, friends, and see all the smiles and joy around you.

Be Confident. Lift your chin up, walk into the dance studio, and be excited for what you are about to learn. If you are struggling, can’t get something the first time, be confident in yourself and keep at it. Hard work and confidence go a long way. AND your dance teachers notice those attributes.

Be Thankful. Thank your parents for the sacrifice they are making so that you can dance. Dance Moms and Dads are the best. Not everyone gets to do what you are doing.

Be Kind. The world could use more kindness and it can start in the dance studio. Smile at the little ones, they look up to you. Think before you speak. Treat others as you want to be treated. Dance-friends, are lifelong friends. Treat them as such.

Be Yourself. There is only one “you.” There will always be someone better than you, and someone else who wants to dance just like you. Embrace who you are and be proud of who you are.

That’s it! It has nothing to do with skill level, but everything to do with being a good person. Now of course when I see you in class, I will still be spotting your sway back from across the room!

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