6 Tips for a Successful Dance Season

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I can’t believe we are two months into the dance season and already we’re talking tutu’s for our year-end may performance. Whether you are new to the studio or have been with us for years, below are some great tips for a successful dance season.

Set a Routine and Make it Fun

Let’s be honest, as parents, we are running all over the place and the thought of committing to dance one day week, or in some cases, 5 days a week can be tricky, especially when you are being pulled into a million different directions. Growing up, my dance studio was a 30 minute drive each way, 6 days a week. Some of my fondest memories are with my dad driving to and from dance chatting about my day, my dreams, and most importantly about dance. I know for my parents it must have been a long night driving my sister and I back and forth, but we made it into a fun night. Insider Tip: Blast your dancer’s favorite songs on the radio, pack a healthy snack, and use it as your catch-up time with your kids.

Arrive on Time

Hey, I get it. I am a mom of a two year-old daughter and the majority of the time, I am not sure if my head is screwed on correctly! But, doing your best to arrive on time gives your dancer time to adjust to their surroundings, go to the bathroom, put their dance shoes on, and say hello to their friends (and not feel rushed!). This ensures they are ready to get the most out of class and you can reserve a spot in front of our two-way mirrors or grab a spot in front of our live TV feeds. Insider Tip: Enjoy your free time and go grab a coffee. We’ve got you covered.

Stay Informed! Our Parent Portal

At Kaleidoscope, we do your very best to keep all of our dance families informed about any upcoming events, special programs, and performances. Our parent portal (found here) keeps you informed on the latest news, events, and happenings at the studio. It allows you to view and manage your account, submit a payment, update your credit card and sign-up to receive communication from us via text message. Text message allows us to send a message directly to your phone in case of classes being cancelled due to the weather or in emergencies. Don’t get left out in the cold as this winter season approaches. Be informed with our parent portal. We send out emails to inform parents of any upcoming important information via emails so be sure to stay subscribed. You can always check our Facebook page, Instagram, and our weekly Blog page for any updates and fun facts about the dance studio. Insider Tip: Like our Facebook page for a chance to learn more about our staff, see video and pictures of your dancer in class and special prizes and giveaways.

Ask Questions

We are here to help! Insider Tip: Laura Hussey, our studio manager, has worked at Kaleidoscope Dance for 9 years and Isabella Schaps, our office assistant, was a dancer at Kaleidoscope from a young age through senior in high school. They are great at what they do and they are there to help you! Say hello, and get to know them.

Make Your Dancer Feel Great in their Dance Attire!

At Kaleidoscope, we want every dancer to feel great in dance class. One of the ways we do that is making sure they are in dress code. Besides making it easier for instructors to ensure dancers’ form is correct, our dress code allows our dancers an opportunity to feel what it is like to be a professional dancer and besides, what dancer doesn’t love a brand new pair of pink ballet shoes? When dancers are in dress code, they are more focused and ready to conquer class. Insider Tip: Leave a special spot in their closet or drawer for their dance attire and only let them wear it to class. The more special you make it the more they will be excited to get dressed. No more fighting with them about putting those tights on!

Enjoy Some Quiet Time

When your dancer is in class don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself, too! Consider taking a break. Bring a book, zone-out, or talk to other dance parents. We have free wi-fi, too! Insider Tip: Did you know we offer Zumba on Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday mornings? It may even be during your dancers class time! Check it out.

Whether you are new to the studio, or a returning Kaleidoscope Family, we are excited to have you as part of the studio. Here’s to an incredibly successful dance year!

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