Let’s face it, being a mom is tough enough but then you add in activities like soccer or dance and…who has the time?

We’re here to help.  I’ve put together a quick primer for all our new (or aspiring) dance moms so you can effortlessly pull off Super Mom status!

Know the Terms

Leotard:  like a swimsuit, but for dancers. Perfect for the motion of dance and it allows the teacher to see body placement and make corrections.  There are tons of styles, colors and options available.  Fun idea – mommy/daughter shopping trip to Allegro Dance Boutique in Evanston and stock up for the dance year!

Tights:  for dancer’s legs, they absorb sweat without obstructing the lines of the leg for the teacher to be able to see.  They also provide some coverage and keep dancers (a little) warm.

Bun:  how their hair can be worn for ballet. Here’s a great Youtube video on How to Make a Perfect Ballet Bun.

Want to take your game to the next level?  How about french ballet terms?  Your dancer will start learning these in their very first dance classes!

Label Everything

If there is one thing our overflowing Lost & Found will tell you is kids lose stuff!  Those ballet slippers, water bottles and jackets will go missing at some point so make it easy and let us get them back to their rightful owners quickly by using a sharpie and putting your dancer’s name on the inside.

Watch Class

I definitely know it’s nice to get a few minutes to yourself, but observing class can be a great way to enjoy your dancer, have something to talk about after class and you can even help reinforce what they’re learning when they practice at home.  We make it easy by having two-way mirrors and TV’s throughout our waiting area so you can easily see your dancer’s class.

Praise the Process

Dance is hard. It requires physical work, coordination, mental toughness and the confidence to try new things. Help your dancer by praising their hard work and courage to try something new. The best thing you can tell your dancer is, “I love watching you dance.”  Let us handle the “point your toes” corrections!

Real-ity Life

While there may be some extreme examples shown on television, real dance moms are supportive, kind and loving. Our older dancers, and their moms, have found great friendships at the studio and they are our greatest cheering section at competitions and performances – we love our awesome dance moms!

So congrats, you are now well on your way to being a Super Awesome Dance Mom Extraordinaire!

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