5 Tips to Help Your Dancer Have a Great Competition

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Dance competition season is upon us and what a rewarding experience, but also stressful and nerve-racking. If its your dancer’s first competition and you find yourself nervous, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Parents can help make sure their dancer is prepared so that your nerves don’t show and you can focus on your dancer and set them up for a successful day.

  1. Help them Pack: We always hand out a costume checklist so that dancers can organize their costumes, shoes, and accessories. This way they are set up for success on the day of competition and they are not panicked because they forgot their costume. We suggest packing the night before.
  2. Pack a Healthy Snack: Eating a huge meal before they dance might not be a great idea, but snacks that provide energy are a must. Sliced apples & peanut butter, string cheese, nuts, fruit, granola bars, pretzels, crackers, and don’t forget a water bottle.
  3. Parking: Look up parking a head of time or ask another parent who has been to that particular venue on some tips for that day. There are hundreds of dancers that participate in competitions and parking can be tough. Get their early.
  4. Check the Schedule: Often times, competitions run ahead of schedule so most dance studio’s will account for that in the time you have to be there. Always give yourself plenty of time to arrive, park, and find where you are meeting your dance teacher. If you plan to leave, check in with the competition on where they are in the schedule do you don’t miss seeing your dancer perform on stage.
  5. Support: Be proud of your dancer, no matter the outcome. Tell them to keep working hard in class and encourage them to move forward and focus on the next competition. It gets easier the more they do

For more info on Kaleidoscope Dance’s Competition teams visit Performance Groups page.

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