5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Studio

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Each dance season, I’m often asked what are the most important things to consider when choosing a dance studio for my child? There are some common ones like location for convenience or the one with the cheapest price, since hey, who knows if they will stick with it, right?!

However, in all my year’s of experience, there are five important things to consider when choosing a dance studio for your child’s dance classes.

  1. Faculty – first and foremost, do the dance teachers know what they’re doing? Some studios hire high school students to teach the younger kids classes or someone with little to no teaching experience. Many have not had advanced training in college or beyond. At Kaleidoscope, we only hire teachers who have four year degrees in dance and experience both in teaching and dancing professionally.  And it’s especially important for young dancers who need a solid base in technique so they can advance quickly.
  2. Class Size – dance student to teacher ratio is important in any class. If the instructor is trying to teach 20 students, it’s almost impossible for him or her to provide much personalized attention to any one student. By limiting the size of our classes, our teachers can focus their attention on each student, provide individualized feedback and corrections. This also allows dancers to progress at a faster pace and no one ever gets left behind!
  3. Facility – first off, it shouldn’t smell like a high school locker room! But more importantly, the question to ask is if the studio has invested in the latest technologies for dance floors, mirrors and barres.  For example, having full length mirrors ensures the dancers can see their whole body during class, barre work and choreography from anywhere in the room. Sprung-wood floors provide a slight trampoline-like effect whereby dancers reduce the impact on their bodies during jumps and leaps. Even more important is the dance floor material itself where today’s latest materials provide control slippage perfect for dance activities. For further information, check out this white paper on the evolution and importance of dance floor technology. Kaleidoscope Dance has invested in all of these technologies because they provide the best environment for dancers to thrive.  We use the same studio equipment and materials as the Joffrey Ballet in downtown Chicago.
  4. Class Variety – goes without saying, but often times convenience wins out. Are there enough options throughout the week and weekend to make a class or classes work for your schedule?  We offer classes every day of the week to give our families as many options as possible.
  5. Desk Staff – though it may be last on this list, it might be the most important. Can you get a hold of someone when you need help? Is there someone at the studio besides the teacher who can register you for class, answer questions, take a payment, etc? In today’s hectic world, you don’t have time to wait around.  That’s why we have 2 front desk staff available starting at 10 am every day during the week and while classes are going on the weekends. Because who has time to wait?

If this all sounds good to you then come try a class at Kaleidoscope Dance for FREE!  Just mention this blog post when you set up your free trial class.

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