3 Reasons To Keep Dancing During The Summer

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When school’s out for the summer, does that mean you should take a break from dance class, too? Not necessarily. While it is important for dancers to have fun outside in the summer, and let’s be honest, for parents to not be over scheduled year-round, dancing over the summer does have its benefits. Here are some cool reasons why summer training can give you a leg up before fall arrives:

  1. Just Dance: During the summer months, dancers do not have the stresses of school work and tests, they can just solely focus on dance. That is a huge plus!
  2. You Grow as a Dancer: You get to explore new styles, techniques, classes and instructors. During the summer months, the schedule is full of new classes which gives you the opportunity to explore and grow.
  3. You Improve: When dancers take summer classes on a regular basis, they maintain and even improve their technique. Besides, you don’t want to undo what you have worked so hard to accomplish all year.

At Kaleidoscope we’re all about having the freedom and flexibility to enjoy summer, which is why we created our class packages. Simply register for 4, 6, 8, or 10 pack of classes, which means if it is the perfect night to go swimming, go swimming, and then go to dance next week! The best part is, pay only for what you want to attend and still enjoy those lazy summer nights.

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