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Fantastic show today. You have once again provided these performers with the skills needed to put on such a wonderful show. My Isabella was so proud of herself and every year she is so excited to come back and every weekend is so excited when she goes to class. I am so glad to have my child be a part of such a wonderful studio with excellent teachers who are patient and wonderful dancers themselves. Thank you for another wonderful year on behalf of Isabella.


Since my daughter was a toddler, she loved dancing around the house.  Upon entering into Kindergarten, we enrolled her at Kaleidoscope so that she could learn the dance moves she loved to pretend to do with her friends in their princess outfits. What I didn't realize is that Kaleidoscope would do so much more than just teach her dance moves. Each year at the culminating performance, I see a different dancer. For the last four years I am left teary-eyed, mesmerized by the growth she has made. She has blossomed from the shy ballerina and tap student to a more confident dancer. Although I have moved away from Skokie, I still bring her to Kaleidoscope.  It is where she found her groove.


If you ask me why I choose Kaleidoscope for my daughter, I can't give you one specific reason because it is a combination of a bunch of things.  For me, what sets Kaleidoscope apart from other dance options, is the fact that the teachers have degrees in dance.  The caliber of instruction shines through starting with the very little ones all the way up to the dance ensemble.  From the moment you enter the front door, you are warmly welcomed by Laura and you instantly feel a part of the Kaleidoscope family.  She goes above and beyond to accommodate you, work with your schedule, and get your child in the correct class.  She genuinely cares for all of the kids and it shows.  As for the recital, I am not sure who enjoys it more, the kids or the adults!  It is professionally done and very impressive.  I love the fact that the faculty performs and shows their talent, as well as the fact that you get a DVD of the entire show! You can not get the personal attention and care at another dance studio.  Without question, you get what you pay for at Kaleidoscope!


First of all, THANK YOU for everything!  I don’t even know where to begin.  I would not be anywhere close to where I am today without you.  Before I came to Kaleidoscope, dance was a hobby but you made it into my passion.  You are hands down the sweetest people I know and you have opened so many doors for me and I am so grateful for that.  You showed me I was capable of things I had no idea was ever possible.  Leetal and I always talk about how you could never get the Kaleidoscope Dance experience anywhere else:  best friends, fun, hard work and lots of great choreography!  Thank you again!


My daughter Megan started taking dance at Kaleidoscope when she was 5. She had just entered Kindergarten. She was extremely shy and had a hard time leaving my side. She would always look for me through the two-way mirror, even to see my silhouette. First she began with one class. Within a few years, she wanted to add more. It was during those years that I saw my little shy girl become a confident "big girl'. She became more outgoing and friendly. She began to come out of her shell and really mature. Megan will be 9 soon. Dance is a very important part of her life. She has become quite the dancer! Megan has made some really good friends through Kaleidoscope, most she has been dancing with since she was 5. I am forever grateful to Heather and her staff for loving Megan and helping her grow.


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